Affiliate program rules and agreement

Privacy matters and Terms regarding Affiliate program can be found in Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. These documents are all connected to each other and shall be threated as one.

The following is Rules of our Affiliate Program which user automatically agrees to when Registering and posting their Affiliate Link.

How our Affiliate Program works

Any user who registers on automatically receives an Affiliate Link (for example This link can be shared with your friends, posted on your website or other online resources where it is allowed to. Any user who clicks on this link and has not visited our Website previously receives a Cookie in their browser which the User (Referral) to the Referrer for 30 days. If the Referral registers via the Referral Link, their account is automatically linked to the Referrer's account and all purchases will be eligible for a certain Commission.

The Commission will be the same for all members : 8%

Once Referrals purchase has been paid for and confirmed, it appears on Referrer's account. The information that can be seen is following: Date, Reference, Time, Total Payment. for privacy purposes.

The Commission can added to Referrer's account balance instant since the order has been made. . reserves the right to remove suspicious accounts and to remove suspicious Commissions if there is a high possibility of fraud or system abuse. If you have any questions, please write us to [email protected] or contact us via our in-site support messaging system.